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All people need to rest. It's a part of human nature. In nearly every job, you are typically allotted ten to twenty minutes to take a coffee break.

Coffee breaks are sometimes considered as vital parts of employment. Having something to look forward to after a few hours of work makes the job seem, for a short while, easier.

From childhood, we were raised with the concept of coffee breaks. What is recess, after all, if not a preadolescent form of the coffee break? It seems that ever since we were children, we have been taught that we all need rest. Recess, to children, was the one time in the entire day when they could be themselves without the pressures of their teachers.

Why are coffee breaks important?

Even if you don't drink coffee, you probably understand that a coffee break means so much more than a cup of that powerful brew. Coffee breaks are a time to kick back, relax, cool down a little, and recharge your energy for what's coming next.

These breaks are a metaphor for life: coffee breaks are there because we are, in essence, only human. We can't work all day without any rest. Even God rested after creating the world.

Even machines, need their own "coffee breaks" right? Otherwise, they cannot work properly. If there's one thing that everything in this world has in common, it's the need for a "coffee break."

When you're feeling blue and tired of your job, you don't really look forward to retirement, do you? You're anticipating that coffee break and what comes with it. You look forward to chatting with your co-workers, to a cup of stimulating coffee, and to a snack and time to think and plan ahead.

We do have futures and long-term plans to look forward to, but we all need something in the meantime that's more immediate until those plans come to fruition. A coffee break is much like sleep: You look forward to it, but you know you can't have it forever, because if you sleep forever, then you wouldn't have a chance to live. You eagerly anticipate that coffee break because it would allow you a chance to rest, but you know that you have to earn money, so you don't want to be on a coffee break the rest of your life.

Time in today's society is very important. However, even the most time-conscious person would agree coffee breaks are a necessary component of productivity.

A coffee break is a time to refresh yourself, to assess your work and to decide your pace. It is a time to reflect on what you've done and think about what to do next. On a coffee break, you can clear your thoughts without the pressure of the clock.

People also need to socialize. After all, how many times have you had a job where you've been working together for three years and you still don't know the person next to you?

Lunch breaks have a different motivation. They are a requirement because we need to eat. Lunch breaks are the times when we recharge our overused batteries. They don't offer the same comfort that coffee breaks offer.

This comfort is what makes a coffee break so special. It encourages people to gather together, to interact and to connect. The coffee break is important because we all need a time to rest. But we don't have to look forward to resting in peace # at least not yet.
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