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Over the years, wine has progressed from being a simple beverage, to big business.  Wine drinkers have a world of options available to them, and connoisseurs amass stockpiles of wines like hobbyists collect stamps.  If you are serious about collecting wines, you need to consider creating a proper wine cellar.  

There are two types of wines: those that are opened and enjoyed as soon as they're purchased, and those that are stored to flourish with age.  Many wines take months or even years to reach their full potentials.  If you intend to collect and preserve fine wines, you will need a proper wine cellar to provide the required climate and environment.

All types of wine, both white and red, must be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight.  Excessive heat or sunshine will have an adverse effect on the aging process.  It's essential to store your wine in the appropriate environment within a proper wine cellar, away from heat and sunlight.  Careful storage will ensure that you'll enjoy a scandalously good wine when you finally pop the cork.

The most important aspect of your wine cellar is the temperature control.  Be sure to equip the cellar with a system that has the ability to maintain a constant temperature.  Wine is best stored at a temperature of about 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  Seasonal fluctuations with slow increases or decreases of 10 degrees, such as from summer to winter, should not cause an adverse affect on your wines.  However a rapid rise or drop in temperature, or frequent temperature fluctuations will cause your wine to age prematurely.    

If you're interested in having a wine cellar in your home, you have a couple of options available to you.  Buying a pre-fabricated wine cellar from a trusted retailer is a rather expensive option.   Most people don't have the cash on hand to invest in this sort of luxury, and will choose instead to build their own.  A good and effective wine cellar does not require a great deal of square footage.  It can be as simple as converting a cold cellar storage area or even an unused closet.

If you're serious about collecting wines but simply don't have the space or resources available to commit to a proper wine cellar, talk to a local wine merchant.  There are retailers and individuals with wine storage facilities that can offer space to you for a rental fee.  

Collecting wine can be a fun and interesting hobby; and if you store your wines properly, you'll continue to enjoy the hobby for many years to come.
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